Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Art of the Drape

That was the name of a workshop I took at the museum last week. I was looking forward to it as I love to paint drapes but am utterly self-taught, and wanted to pick up some pointers. I was disappointed, though, to find we were supposed to work only in black and white! I'm such a color freak, LOL. So in that sense the workshop was not much fun. I just could not *enjoy* it working in mostly monochrome. But I did like the instructor and his suggestions. I didn't learn as much new stuff as I'd hoped, but it was excellent practice - and this is the result of my evening's work.

Friday, July 21, 2006

after Modigliani

Art class was an "eating my broccoli" sort of night this Wednesday. Same model and same pose as last week, but I didn't feel like doing the same painting, so decided to concentrate on her head. But I *do* hate trying to do portraits! I can create an image that is recognizably a person, but not necessarily the person I'm trying to paint, LOL. But I still plug away, and am even taking a 2-session workshop in portraiture early in August.

However I did end up enjoying this, and was pleased with how the hair turned out, and the shadows. One of the other students said it reminded her of Modigliani, and I can see a bit of resemblance to his work in her long, thin face - maybe a bit similar to this one .

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Back to School

Well it's me who is back to school. Back to art class with Alex again. It's interesting that there are so many new faces in the class this summer. Ed is the only one of the "regulars" who is back. The rest are all new. I was the only one in class who used color last night, which made my picture stand out a bit, though Ed started adding pastel towards the end of the evening.

Anyway, as before, if you want to see the full picture please check it out at: Wet Canvas