Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Cattle Egrets


Still on my oil pastel passion. This is a place I pass occasionally in Middleburg, Florida. I just get a kick out of the cattle egrets hanging out on the larger animals.

Friday, August 26, 2022

Fort Macon

Still in love with my Mungyo oil pastels. This is a 9x12 on the same paper as my previous painting. This is at Fort Macon State Park in North Carolina, near my sister Amy’s home. 

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Leslie’s Lake


I might have thought I’d be more artistic during my Covid lockdown but actually I was much less so. Depression? Who knows? Less interest? But my FB artist friend Gary Garrett began posting some fabulous paintings he’d done with Mungyo oil pastels. 

I’d always thought I’d like oil pastels and had several sets: Holbeins, NeoPastels, CrayPas. But my attempts were always awful. It just never occurred to me that my actual oil pastels could be the problem. Now Gary is a far better artist than I am, but I did love his Mungyo review so I bought a set. 

And I fell in love! These Mungyos are such a pleasure to use. This was my first attempt at using them. My friend Leslie has a little cottage on a lake which I’ve visited a few times, and this is the view from her cottage. This on a 9x12 sanded sheet (darned if I can recall brand name) which I bought a few years ago to try with my dry pastels. It was awful for them though, but I love it for the oil pastels.!