Sunday, January 13, 2013

Club Continental Waterfront

This is the third painting I did for the Club Continental show this afternoon. There were 60 paintings in the show, of which about 10 were chosen to remain on display at the club for about a month - none of them being mine, LOL.

This was done on an 11x14 sheet of Richeson paper, the first time I had ever tried that surface. It's a sanded surface but a bit rougher in texture than I prefer. But since I bought a pad of it I'm sure I'll try it out again. :-)

The show itself was a lot of fun and we had a good turnout of folks from the Art Guild, both show participants and others who just showed up to enjoy the show. The Club is beautiful and the appetizers were yummy.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Club Continental - The Blue Window

Grrr, I was so stupid. I *always* take pictures of my paintings when I finish them. But in the case of this one I totally forgot and didn't even think of it until the painting was already framed. Naturally that made it darned difficult to photograph as there is always reflective light from the glass, but I wasn't about to unframe it either. So I just moved it to a dark corner which didn't get much light, and did the best I could.

This is a second one for the Club Continental show tomorrow, where all paintings in the show must be of the Club or its grounds. This was done on 12-16 piece of Art Spectrum.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Club Continental Fountain

This Sunday I'll be participating in an Art Show at the Club Continental in Orange Park, FL. All of the paintings have to be of the Club itself or in and around its grounds. With the deadline looming over me I decided I'd better get cracking! I worked on this this morning, a view of the fountain on the grounds, and reached a point where I decided to step away from it, so it may not be done yet. I'm not quite ready to put it in the frame. But I did reach a spot where I  needed to stop for a bit.

This is done on a 12x16 piece of Wallis Belgian Mist. I know lots of people adore Wallis but it's not actually my favorite, Just a tad *too* toothy for my liking. It just about ate up the entire remaining stick of a favorite blue just working on the sky.

But I wanted to fill a 12x16 frame I have, and I had a pad of 12x18 Wallis that I bought years ago, so decided to bring it out and cut off the bottom two inches and use that. It *is* easy to get a lot of layers with Wallis, and that part is really good. But I still prefer my usual Art Spectrum which is also pretty toothy, but a bit less so than Wallis so doesn't eat up your pastels as much. I WISH that Art Spectrum came in a few different sizes. I mostly use the 9x12 , but I wouldn't mind working a tad bigger. The larger sheets are too big, but if I try to cut them up I wind up with just my usual size anyway unless I want a lot of wastage, and I'm not a fan of wastage. :-)