Thursday, December 09, 2010

Fake Fruit

LOL, this is sort of "I did it just to do it" sort of paintings, not one of those I especially love! But I went to art class last night and was feeling blah and uninspired. I've been doing a lot of landscapes from photo references I've taken lately, and I enjoy that - but was also feeling an urge to do something from life, though no special idea of what.

But as I set up my easel I saw Christina had various objects sitting on the ledge running along one side of the room, one being a bowl filled with fake fruit, and behind it a bowl containing a plant of some sort. It was not a formal still life setup by any means. But it was right there in front of me, so for fun I decided to incorporate the two into a picture, and this is what I did, on my usual 9x12 Art Spectrum. Not so exciting a picture, but it was fun to do.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Autumn Glories

It's December now and winter is coming. The trees are mostly bare, but back in October, when I drove home from Canada, the autumn was at its height, with glorious trees in fiery reds, flaming oranges, vibrant yellows... It was a marvelous ride, and a wonderful autumn. I kept seeing vast vistas of trees that I wanted to photograph, but it was not an easy thing to do when you're zooming along a highway. :-)

But I saw this bright red-orange tree beside a little stream in Maine, and just *had* to pull over to the side of the highway to take a picture. I can't even tell you where in Maine this is. Best I can do is to say it's somewhere between Bangor and the Canadian border, LOL.

This was done on 9x12 Art Spectrum.