Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Glen Ridge Congregational Church in Winter

Winter's coming, LOL. I had such fun painting the church I go to a couple weeks ago that I felt like I wanted to paint it again from a different angle, and found this photo I had taken a few years ago when we had a big blizzard and I took a brief walk around to see how things looked in town. The church looked lovely in the snow, so I decided that would make a great painting too. This was done on 9x12 Art Spectrum.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blue Heron in the Fall

The fall was so lovely up in Canada last month. I was enchanted by the rich orange and golden colors of the marshes around Baie Verte, compared to their greener colors of the summer. I wanted to be able to paint some pictures showing those colors!

Last night I made an attempt. I got a lucky photo of a Great Blue Heron in the marshes my last day there, and decided to use that as the reference for my painting. As is common for me, this was done on 9x12 Art Spectrum.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Baie Verte marshes

Baie Verte is a small town in New Brunswick, Canada, that I pass through when I'm taking the scenic route to Amherst, Nova Scotia. It's a charming little town, and surrounded by lovely tidal marshes. When the tide is low you often see Great Blue Herons wading in the water. I've taken tons of photos of the marshes, always thinking what lovely paintings they would make. And tonight I decided to actually do one of them! This is from a photo I took last summer, and is done on 9x12 Art Spectrum paper.

I was there back in mid-October, and the marshes were gorgeous with deep orange and gold autumnal colors. I may have to try a painting next of those lovely autumn colors.