Monday, August 26, 2013


Back before the heat of the summer began to get too bad I got together with some of my pastel friends for a plein air session at a place called Castaway Island Preserve located along the intracoastal waterway. It was a lovely spot, and I may go back again as the weather is slowly starting to cool a bit. Still hot during the day, but lately there has been a faint tang in the air when I walk my dog in the morning.

I love my cute new little Heilman box, just the size I had always wanted.  It's perfect for plein air for me!

I had an initial disaster as I was setting up! I accidentally bumped into my tripod, and my tripod, box, and all my pastels went flying off in every direction, many of them breaking into tiny unusable pieces. Sheesh, what a way to start my morning.

But with some help I finally got most of them back under control, and painted the picture above. It was fun, and pretty soon the weather will be nice enough for plein air again. Not something I can happily do during the Florida summers.