Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Bait Shop

Whenever I go to St. Augustine I try to stop at the Vilano Boat Ramp to look for birds. I've always loved this little building at the ramp and its wonderful colors. I've thought of painting it but buildings scare me, LOL. However I was there a couple weeks ago for an Audubon meeting and stopped at the boat ramp. It was a dark and stormy day with clouds gathering, and the bait shack looked lonely. I took a few photos and decided I had to paint it this time. It felt like it would be cramped in my usual 8x10, so this is much more a panorama at 10x20. Done in acrylic.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Scott's House

My nephew Scott and his girlfriend Tara just became proud homeowners last week. In fact the closing occurred on Scott's 30th birthday. What a birthday present. 😀 I decided to paint their house as a gift, but the real estate listing showed the house in winter snow. So then I checked it out on google earth, and used the springy image there as my reference photo. This is acrylic, my fairly standard 8x10.!