Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yellow Shoes

I've been too busy to paint lately, between my dad's illness and surgery, and my sister visiting me from NC. However the spring art classes started again last night, so now at least once a week I'll be painting for the next ten weeks. It was fun to be back in class, and to see Alex and everyone else. I did feel a little rusty, but this picture was what I worked on in class.


Anonymous said...

Hi Debby,

Sorry to hear again how things are going. Hope your daddy gets well soon.

Good to hear though that classes started again and you will do some artwork. This one is really a back into art routine. I always love your colors.


Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
I wasn't aware you painted - and you do it with real guts. Rosie asked if I knew where you'd gone when I poked my head in today and so I went looking for you. I usually get my man (or woman) so here I am. I'm sure others would like it if you popped in and said "hello". Wish life wasn't being so rough with you right now.

Take care,