Sunday, April 01, 2007

Last goodbye to Maggie

This is a portrait I did of Maggie last year when I had the idea of doing portraits of my pets. But I never posted it on my blog as I received several criticisms of it on Wetcanvas, and I kept thinking maybe I would make changes. I was told:
1) The eyes were too "human" looking.
2) I should blend and smooth the fur more.

But I was thinking of Maggie today, and pulled it out, and decided:
1) Well there was something very "human" about Maggie, and I don't really want to change the eyes.
2) Smoothing the fur more or not is really an artistic call, not a technical one. And I was happy with how her fur turned out. So why should I change it to suit someone's else's opinion?

So I decided to leave her 'as is' and at long last her portrait gets its place on my blog too.


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful just how you did her! I think she is perfect! Thank you for having the courage to share her.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about your losing Maggie. Try to be thankful that it was an unavoidable disease, and you did everything you could for her. Our son's cat had to be put to sleep on March 15, and then we found out 2 days later it was because of the cat food. Even though she died through our ignorance about the tainted food, it is still hard not to browbeat ourselves that it was something we gave her ourselves. Be glad you don't have to worry about that, and let your happy memories of her comfort you.

"Miss Pyke" from LPW

P.S. Why don't you try sketching LP's hands on the piano keys sometimes (and let us know so we can look!).