Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dashiki Too

Tonight I was running late, and felt like a cold was coming on, so I stopped at Whole Foods to buy some chicken soup, and that made me later yet! But it was nice and hot and hit the spot. I still felt achy and sore-throaty though, and left class 30 minutes early. I just could not concentrate tonight. But this was the last week of the model in the wonderful dashiki, and I just had to capture some of those cool vibrant colors. So this was what I managed to do during the time I did spend in class.

No class next week as the museum is gussying up for "Art in Bloom" so I need to make myself work on something if I can get the discipline.

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Rayna said...

Hi Debbie. Followed your link from the Mtc Watercooler. Nice work! My studio mate works in pastels, too - wonderful medium. I don't draw, and I really enjoyed looking at your work on your blog.