Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Man in Black

Our model tonight was actually another instructor at the museum and I have taken some classes with him. He works strictly in black and white. And he showed up for the class dressed entirely in black! . I am known as the class colorist. I use pastels and love to use bright and vibrant colors. He actually said he thought of me when he was getting dressed for the class, and thought of wearing something bright, but then decided to dress all in black and drive me crazy.

They all said they *knew* I would just do his torso too, and cut off his head, as I'm also known for doing that too. So I decided to fool everyone and did his head! I told him I was going to change the black and dress him in wild hot pink or something, but I decided to go with the black anyway, but as everyone said I managed to work some color in anyway, heh heh.

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Amy said...

And it's a lovely head at that! I like the hair. All around, very well done.