Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lady in Waiting

Well after a month's "break" (I say with a bit of irony, since it was a wild and crazy season) it was back to art class this month, though my dear teacher Alex is still out ill, sadly. However John is filling in nicely for him even though pastels are not his thing.

Our first model was 7 months pregnant, LOL. That certainly made for some interesting shapes and curves. This was my first picture but at John's interesting suggestion I went on to create a "triptych" where, in later sessions, I did her head and then her feet. I'll show them all here, and then the completed project - although her head came out too large. I made the mistake of working on it without enough reference to the body, a mistake I didn't repeat with the feet. John wanted me to do the head over to be sized properly, but it's only a student piece so I probably won't bother. As with other works of this sort, the actual uncensored picture can be seen at: WetCanvas

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