Saturday, August 16, 2008

Evening Glow at the farm

I'm on my way home from two weeks up in New Brunswick, Canada at the old farmhouse my family owns. I was there all alone my first week (with three dogs) but my son, daughter-in-law, and her sister came and joined me my second week.

I'd made a vow to do a pastel painting at least every other day, and I managed to do it! Not that they are all masterpieces (LOL, not that *any* of them are). But I did it, and hope to be posting them now that I'm back to the world of broadband. It rained every day my first week there, and so this first painting is more a "wish" - but we did end up having some nice days and evenings the second week.

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Gallerychaos said...

I love your choice of colors. The blues and violets playing against the pinks in the sky are lovely. The windows of the house have such a warm glow.
Nice work!