Sunday, September 14, 2008

New York Harbor

I still have this desire to be able to do boats and seascapes, though it is clearly not where my strengths lay. So what to do? Should I just keep trying? Or should I just pick a particular area, like still lifes, and concentrate on that? I love still lifes, but I feel like I'd get bored if I did nothing else. But if I could do the occasional landscape or seascape as well I'd be happy, or even the occasional bird or animal. I guess I want to do it all! LOL, *except* for portraits or figure studies. I truly don't have any interest in doing more of those.

Still lifes feel like my "comfort zone". Landscapes and seascapes are both a struggle. Water eludes me, as do trees. I guess I really should take the suggestions made to me and try to look at and copy some of the masters, to get a feel for how they did it.

But it's a hot muggy and quiet day here in NJ. I'll be busy this week - work of course, and then out every evening. Monday is the opening reception for the "Partners in Pastel" art show, Tuesday is art class, Wednesday is a birthday dinner for my niece, Thursday is choir rehearsal, and Friday a birthday dinner for my son!

So I took advantage of the afternoon lull and spent about 2 hours on this painting. I used as a reference a photo I took from the Staten Island ferry a few years ago.

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Rambling Woods said...

Debbie..I like this especially the water. I think that you captured the feeling of it well...