Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Bridge over the Tantramar

I love the wide-open spaces of the Tantramar Marshes near Sackville, New Brunswick. Route 2, the Trans-Canada Highway, runs through the marsh and along the edge of Sackville, paralleled by large electric wires cutting across the landscape. But not far off the beaten path you run into a network of dirt roads that run through the marsh, connecting Upper Sackville to small towns like Jolicure and Point de Bute. 

It always amazes me that there is a real covered bridge still in use along the High Marsh Rd. from Upper Sackville, and it is still used daily primarily by the farmers in the area. I just enjoyed this view with the juxtaposition between an old-fashioned structure like a covered bridge, and the modern one of the high tension transmission lines that run through the area. 

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