Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Wine-dark Sea

It was back to art class last week after a few weeks' break. I have not been feeling inspired lately, too busy with dealing with my upcoming job loss, and trying to get my house on the market. I think all my paintings, frames and art supplies will have to go into storage to reduce the "clutter". And I could hardly imagine what I wanted to paint last night, but finally chose a photo with the above scene, taken back in 1994 when I went on a trip to Greece. This shows the pathway to the beach at a hotel outside of Patras that we stayed at for a couple days, right on the edge of the Ionian Sea.

This was done on Wallis paper, an unusual support for me, as I find it too "toothy" for the most part, a real pastel-eater. But I had some remaining sheets from a 9x12 pad and figured I might as well use one.

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Sandy said...

This is really great -- I can *feel* coolness of the water in the heat of the afternoon. Nice job!