Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Bahamian Shore

I'm still on my Bahamian theme. I had really hoped that a trip to the Bahamas would give me a chance to get some fabulous reference photos - but it just didn't work out. Between the weather being overcast, with flat lighting, the whole time, and our trip to the Half Moon Cay getting cancelled due to ship problems I wound up with very few decent photos. Mostly just tourist snapshots in and around the city of Nassau.

But heck, I'll never get to the Bahamas again. I have to try to come up with *something*. So I'm trying to use my meager snapshot stock to come up with a series anyway. This painting was based on a snapshot I took from the van I was riding in for the "Historical Highlights" tour I took. Just like my last few works it's done on 9x12 Wallis paper.

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