Thursday, October 14, 2010

To be a Writer you must Write

Well, that's what they say about being a writer at any rate. I'm not a writer. :-) But they say if you want to be one you must write and write, even if you are not feeling inspired. I guess the same is true about being a painter. Sometimes you are not feeling inspired but you should paint something anyway. I was on such a high after I finished my "grandpa" painting, as I was so happy with it, that nothing else appealed to me to even attempt.

So finally I decided I had to be like that writer, and just *do* something - and something totally different. It was my last day up at the farm - so I just grabbed the first three objects that came to hand - without any care about their relationship (if any, LOL). So that included a small pumpkin, my birding binoculars, and the little jar I keep pastel dust in. Took those three, plunked them in an intertwined sort of way down on the kitchen table, and then painted them.

No it's not great art, but it was a good exercise. 9x12 Art Spectrum paper. This one goes into the drawer rather than getting framed, but it was a good exercise. Grandpa is going to a professional framer when I get home though!

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