Saturday, January 08, 2011

A Taste of Honey

Some time ago I painted a picture of a bee sitting on a purple coneflower, which I blogged about here. My sister is a fan of bees and beekeeping, and liked it so much I gave it to her as a gift. After a couple of my paintings had been rejected from juried shows she kept saying I should have entered the bee painting, as she was sure it would be accepted.

However, 1) I had already given it as a gift, so didn't want to take it back to enter, and 2) there was a small rip in the paper which is hardly noticeable, but which I felt a judge might notice. But the more I thought about it the more I decided to do *another* painting from the same reference, and the above painting is the result.

And sure enough, I entered it into the annual show of the West Essex Art Association, and the receiving and judging was today, and it got accepted!

But so much depends on the judge after all. You were allowed to enter two works into the West Essex show, and the second painting I entered, The Old Farm Pantry, was accepted also. This is the very painting that got rejected at the PSNJ juried show in 2009, and which prompted my sister to say I should have entered the bee painting instead. But today they both got accepted. :-)

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