Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gail on Guitar

We had a new model in life drawing class this week, and we will have the same model, same pose, for 6 weeks in a row! Eeek, that gets old for me, though some students take a full 4-6 weeks to complete one painting. Anyway, since I have to figure out what to do for 6 weeks I decided to start with what I never do - a full-figure painting. I loved her orange Crocs and wanted to get her feet, so that was the only good way to get them in. Now that they are out of the way I can concentrate on other areas in other weeks.

This is done on 9x12 Canson paper, smooth side. I hate doing a full-figure drawing or painting on such a small sheet, but can't really work larger. I have no space to store anything larger and need to downside anyway. As a result I don't really like this one - too fiddly to work so small. But it's all a learning and growing experience. :-)

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