Wednesday, July 25, 2012

High Marsh Road

I went to Sackville yesterday to buy some larger drawing pads, and pencils, for my life drawing class on Monday nights. I went early so I could take a walk through the Sackville Waterfowl Park before the expected rains hit! But I also took the scenic route home - over the dirt roads through the Tantramar Marshes and through the old covered bridge. I drove slowly, enjoying the scenery in the rain, and kept seeing little sparrows flitting in and out through the shrubbery and grasses on either side of the road. They were too small and fast, in the rain, to make out details, so I kept trying to take photos of them!

Alas none of the photos were decent enough to permit an ID, but as I was looking at them I decided one looked like a great shot for a painting! I had not even been trying to take "artistic" shots since it was a gray and rainy day. But I had a quiet morning today, and ended up doing this painting of High Marsh Road.

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