Thursday, August 02, 2012

Tidnish Dock plein air 2

I had such fun going painting the other day with the group from the Tidnish Art Gallery that when I finished my first painting I decided I would start a second! However I had barely gotten working on it when the other three people all decided to pack up their supplies and call it a day. And suddenly I was left there all alone.

I don't mind working alone in my studio, but I find I don't enjoy doing plein air alone. Once the other three left the joy sort of went out of the day and it wasn't as much fun to paint anymore. But since I had started I decided to slog along and try to finish it. But my heart wasn't really in it very much. Maybe that's why I'm not crazy about this one, but this is my second attempt for the day - usual 9x12 Art Spectrum.

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