Monday, October 15, 2012

The Salt Marsh

This is the second painting I did at our group plein air paint-out at The Fountain of Youth this past Saturday. I love the salt marshes. So totally gorgeous, lots of birds. The weather was lovely and sunny and breezy with blues skies and puffy white clouds. We're just about at my favorite time of the year right now. This was done on 9x12 Art Spectrum paper.


Dolores Monet said...

Debbie, I stumbled on your blog when I was searching for images of salt marshes. Just had to comment - this is so beautiful. I too love salt marshes. I'm getting over the flu, and I thought a good salt marsh would be good medicine. Thanks for sharing your lovely picture. I am off to look at more of your work.

Dolores Monet said...

Hi Debbie, I was cruising images of salt marshes as a cure for the after effects of the flu, and came upon your beautiful picture. So glad I did! I can almost smell that heavenly aroma!