Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Painting small

I've hardly done any painting since breaking my wrist last summer, so for the New Year decided I should try to do more. I've been working on some small acrylics since, if smaller, I can do more of them! These are the ones I've completed so far, none with titles yet.

  Egrets: This one is an 8x10.

 Flamingo:This one is 4x12.

 Moonlight: This one is 5x7.

 Heron: This one is 8x10.

 Cardinal: This one is 8x10.

 Oranges: This one is 5x7.

 Marsh sunset: This one is 4x12.

Beach Sunrise: This one is 4x12.

Lots of fun! I'm looking forward to more smaller ones.

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