Friday, May 23, 2008

Blue Vase and Fruit (fast and loose 3)

We had another "fast and loose" session in art class last night, multiple still lifes set up, exactly one hour to paint one, 10 minutes to set up at a new easel, and then exactly one hour to paint a second one. I do love taking classes as it pushes me into trying things I might not do or think of on my own. Fast and loose is the style I strive for, but it's totally different when the teacher is timing you, and you know at the 1-hour mark she will call "Time", and it's time to put your sticks down. That's IT! No more time, what you see is what you get. No worrying about wonky ellipses, etc. No, "I'll just take a few minutes more and tweak a few more things."

She is constantly tell us to look for the "big picture", go for the big shapes, forget the details. It's fun! Somehow I didn't feel quite as in the groove last night as I did last week. But sometimes that's a good thing too - forcing yourself to try to create even if you don't feel the muse is with you. So anyway, this is what I did the first hour.

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