Wednesday, March 02, 2011

One-Hour Guitar

I got to my afternoon art class late today. I had to do Receiving for the PSNJ Signature Member show this morning at the marvelously eclectic Design Domaine Gallery in Bernardsville, NJ, and afterwards I went to lunch at The Grain House to talk about some PSNJ business.

So it was about 2:45 by the time I got to my class, giving me only an hour to work. But I used it to try an experiment that I'd had to do in another art class one time - where we had to do still lifes, but were given only an hour to do each one, but were expected to turn out a reasonably complete painting in that one hour. The idea was help you work fast and loose. Since I had only an hour I decided to try that today, and just worked fast to see what I could get accomplished in an hour.

So the end result is not a painting I particularly love or even like, but it was a worthwhile learning tool for this experiment - done on 9x12 cream-colored Canson, smooth side. I think the guitar looks more like a ukulele though, LOL.

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