Monday, September 22, 2014

Tidnish Life sessions

 Once again I enjoyed going to the Life Drawing sessions at the Tidnish Bridge Art Gallery on Monday evenings, 7-9 PM.
 The format was the same as in previous years, working from a life model. We first started each session with a series of 30 second poses.
 Thirty seconds causes you to have to work fast! Figure drawing is not my forte, and is very unforgiving, as opposed to a tree, LOL. But I always figure drawing from life is a valuable experience.
 From 30 seconds we moved on to a series of 60-second poses.
 After that we moved up to 2-minute poses.
 Two minutes felt like quite a luxury after the initial 30 seconds!

 After that we moved to 5-minute poses though I don't seem to have any available here.
 The last hour we finished with a couple 20-minute poses, and then often a 15-minute pose at the end.
I still don't consider myself a figure painter! But I definitely enjoy going to these sessions! Looking forward to next year with Bob Morouney.

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Pandemonium Ministry of Culture said...

Nice series of sketches, Debbie! I hope you'll find life drawing close to home this winter -- or take your sketchbook with you when visiting friends. Happy drawing and see you next year.
-- Bob