Sunday, July 13, 2008

Off Shackleford Banks

This is just a quickie (about 45 minutes) done on a not so great support - a 16x20 piece of mat board, so not much tooth, and a grainy texture I didn't like, like the "bumpy" side of Canson. But I had a little free time and decided to play with my Pan Pastels - which I have tried a little, but not been crazy about them other than as an undercoating medium.

But in this case the whole picture was done with Pan Pastels. I guess I was influenced by all the cloud pix I've seen people posting at Wetcanvas, . This is done from a photo I took a week ago Saturday when I was down in NC, and my sister and BiL took me for a ride in their new boat.

Of course I *still* can't do water, but I yearn to be able to! Not really sure how I feel about the Pan Pastels either, but I'm still trying.

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Rambling Woods said...

Deb..I love that and I couldn't do it in a year..