Sunday, July 27, 2008

White Pitcher - Hugging the Lemon - Sunset

In the workshop today we mostly experimented with different supports, and different assignments, working on color concepts. This one was done on a Richeson support - a fairly roughish sanded sort of surface, and a very thick, hard board. The assignment was to do a white pitcher using*no* whites or grays or blacks in the pitcher (though you could use white for one or two highlights at the very end). And this was my pitcher.

Then just a chance to experiment on a very TINY piece of LaCarte paper. We were supposed to work with complementary colors as underpaintings and then build up layers of color to what you wanted - and I just lined up a few fruit to give it a try.

For the last project she suggested I look in her Best of Pastels book, pick out a landscape I liked, and just try to copy a fraction of it - so this is my version of the top left quarter of one of the landscapes in the book!

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