Friday, October 10, 2008

Woodleigh Gardens - PEI

Well it's back to PEI again for another homework assignment. One of my our favorite spots on PEI are the Woodleigh Replicas in Kensington, lots of minatures of famous British buildings. Some are small, like St. Paul's Cathedral, and some are big enough to walk through, like Castle Dunvegan and the Tower of London. But all are fun. 

And they also have lovely English-style gardens. It's a scenic place, lovely rolling countryside, and the gardens in bloom are fabulous. I certainly can't do them justice, but still had fun with this scene. Except I had to edit myself out, as I'm standing on the pathway in the original reference photo which a family member took for me. 

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Rambling Woods said...

I love an english garden and again I am reminded of some of my mother's work.