Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Canadian Inlet

I guess this one can be included in my Atlantic Canada series of paintings. I finished up my still life in class last night with over an hour to spare before class ended, so I decided to noodle around with one of the photos I had in my bag for potential landscapes. This is from a photo taken up in New Brunswick, Canada  - just down the road from where my dad owns our summer home.  So I spent about an hour on this one - done on 9x12 Art Spectrum, as all my stuff has been recently. I do prefer a slightly larger size, like the 12x16 Canson I have long used. But the wonderful texture of the Art Spectrum is so seductive. I just love it, even though I have achieved nice effects on the Canson as well.

I told Christina that I really yearned to be able to do better with water,  so she suggested I find some nice water pictures to bring to class next week and we could work on that. So I need to start looking through my photo files and see what  I can come up with. 

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