Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Blog

Wow, hard to believe it was three years ago today I started my blog. I was going to celebrate by spending the day working on a lovely painting of some sort. But my day started shortly after 6 AM with a call from work. By the time I was done it was 8:30 AM and too late to get back to bed. I have to be in the office at 7 AM tomorrow morning for a big system upgrade, so Sunday is mostly shot too. So I decided I was going to do my *taxes* today since the weekend was mostly shot anyway. I thought it would go pretty fast using TaxCut software, but it ended up taking me 12 hours! 

The good news: Well, the taxes are all done. I owe the state of New Jersey a mere $4, and I'll be getting a nice refund from Federal.

The bad news: I finished up so late it left little time for the grand painting I wanted to work on, but I had to do something to mark this blog's occasion. So I did take the time to do this quick little portrait of my house, only about 45 minutes of work on a 9x12 sheet of Art Spectrum, but I just needed to get something done, and my own house seemed like a good way to mark my own blog. 


Kathie Brown said...

Happy blog birthday! You must have felt cheeful about it becuase this painting/drawing feels so cheerful and hopeful to me!

Debbie Cusick said...

Thanks do much. I am feeling pretty cheerful these days. It's nice when things are going well. :-)