Monday, July 13, 2009

Fallen Pine

On Wednesday of my second week in Canada the weather actually turned sunny and got warmer. My sister and I decided to take our painting supplies down to the beach and do an actual plein air! I also wore my bathing suit and went for a marvelous swim. It was so refreshing.

The beach was lovely, and the light breeze kept all the bugs at bay, YAY! We have quite a steep cliff down to our beach, and every year it seems some of the land from above erodes and the cliff gets eaten away. The poor adventurous trees that grow close to the edge eventually end up keeling over and sliding down the cliff.

This tree was a casualty of this most recent year's storms and it seemed like a natural thing to focus on for my plein air. I guess my sister agreed as we didn't consult one another, but her painting was of the tree also. :-)

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