Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Artist and her Dog

My sister Amy had brought her oil paints up to Canada with her and was determined to do some painting there. She had a wonderful plein air setup she was eager to try. We had a lot of rainy weather though, although we both did get down to the beach one day and did our own interpretations of the fallen pine tree at our beach.

She was trying to get up the energy to do another plein air the next day, and finally managed to do so when she realized that she didn't have to traipse miles to do it, and could just set up right out in the farm yard.

So that was what she did. I loved her entire setup and was compelled to snap a bunch of photos of her at her work, with her little dog, Mary, at her feet. After three years of Life Drawing classes I felt I never wanted to paint a person again, LOL. But I loved this image of my sister so much that I had to give it a try tonight.

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