Monday, April 14, 2008

Panic mode

I finally decided I needed to try out the Pan pastels that I had bought at a 40% discount last fall, after seeing a demo at Jerry's. They seemed fun, but I was not sure how I would like them in actual practice.

And I'm still not sure! Well I mean I know I'm not crazy about them, but maybe they just need more "getting used to" time. I just used a sheet of Canson, and threw a couple colorful things onto the small round table topped with a wooden lazy susan that I have in my studio. The Pans do cover the surface admirably, with a nice creamy texture, but I found them hard to control. I didn't like using the little implements you use to apply the pastels.

So to finish this off I had to break out my sticks, so this picture is only about half Pans. I don't much like the picture - but I was not really going for composition. I just wanted something colorful to try with the Pans. And even in the less successful pictures there is usually something to like.

In this case I'm quite happy with how the lazy susan turned out. I usually get terribly wonky elipses when I'm drawing freehand, but in this case I think the ellipse looks quite good. :-)

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Anonymous said...

(Came here from the link in your comment on the Lord Peter list.)

I LOVE this. Not overly fond of the beads; but, I love how the fabric of the jester's hat looks - sometimes silky, sometimes velvety. Very attractive and conveys the feeling/purpose of the hat nicely. Well done!