Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Wick House

Landscapes are way out of my comfort zone. I'd love to be able to do them, but have not had any instruction in them, and struggle on my own. Trees and leaves are a struggle, I have issues withe the grass, the ground, the plants - any growing thing.

But I was inspired to try one after my new teacher, Christina Debarry, said she is putting together a show this summer at the Bernardsville Public Library, and suggested that we students could put a painting into the show. She said it should be a landscape, and of something recognizable from around the Bernardsville/Basking Ridge area. I was out that way yesterday after my doctor's appointment - and decided to try a landscape from this photo I took of the Wick House at Morristown National Historical Park.

I'm not completely happy with this. Last year's PSNJ show was about 98% landscapes, and this looks so amaterish compared to the pictures in the show. I hope to work on this further and get it looking better, but figured I'd post what I've done now at about the 2-hour mark.

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