Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Red Robe

I am so bummed. For three years now I've been taking life drawing classes - and I hate drawing people now as much as I did when I started, so was so excited that a new class was being offered called "Experimental Pastel" that was going to concentrate on still lifes and landscapes - taught by Christina Debarry, PSA, and former President of the PSA. I love her work. How cool is that?

And then last week I got a notice that the class had been *cancelled* due to LOW ENROLLMENT! Only two people signed up to take the class. So the museum suggested I could take either "Representational Painting and Drawing" or "Expressionism". I said the first is the one I'd taken for three years, and I loved the instructors - but I just HAD to get away from figure drawing and yearned to do still lifes. So I was told the Expressionism class allowed you to use any medium, and that students did still lifes there, so I took it!

And got to class last night and found a ........ LIVE MODEL! The instructor said they had done all still lifes last session, so she was mixing up and and now having live models. Grrrrr, I'm so bummed, and there is no refund once a class has started. So once again I'm stuck doing what I have come to hate more and more - so I did another one of my headless wonders last night. By cutting off their heads I can sort of treat the models as more of an abstraction, which makes it a bit more bearable for me. C&C always welcome - though I still hope to get completely away from painting people.

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