Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Plateful of Apples

Hurray, today was my second class with Christina Debarry - and I'm loving it more and more. Christina is a wonderful teacher, and I really like all the other students in the class as well. And what *fun* to get away from drawing the human figure, and get to try still lifes instead.

Not they are easier, by any means. While I was trying to do the drawing for tonight's set-up I found myself almost half yearning for a nice simple human torso to draw, .

No, not really! I mean a human torso would have been easier - but I wouldn't have had as much fun. Instead I agonized, but I had such a great time anyway because I was working on something I loved - eating my ice cream, rather than eating my broccoli - as I called the life drawing classes.

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